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Luthando won’t change overnight I think we should acknowledge that and guys in his not so hard heart his trying by all means to destroy the feelings he so admittedly feels for Cassie due to “It shouldn’t happen this is business” just like Cass but in due time they will be close and Cook-Shirt-unisex-sweatshirt-jet-black-front

Cook-Shirt-unisex-sweatshirt-jet-black-front, V-neck, Sweater and Unisex, t-shirt

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Aish I guessI will have to be patient with Cook-Shirt-unisex-sweatshirt-jet-black-front. Truth is he will not be Prince Charming just like that. Kodwa Cass you have to be strong babe. But arg man couldn’t he at least give her the ring in a much appropriate manner? Hayi he really acted trashy lapho.

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At least take Cassie home then run to your mistress,guys though I swear sometimes their brains don’t function how could he not see how hurt she was after seeing the Cook-Shirt-unisex-sweatshirt-jet-black-front?She knew abt the transaction bt she made it clear that she deserves sum respect nd its only human to feel as she feels she has feelings remember

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